On the afternoon of May 18, chairman huang shenghua of guangzhou r&f football club accepted exclusive interview of football magazine in the office. Huang shenghua, who attended the general manager’s meeting of Chinese super league clubs, has his own views on the Chinese super league’s competition system, whether to expand the army next season, how to form a professional league and how to squeeze the bubble of Chinese super league.

The reform of China’s professional football league has entered the deep water zone. “The goal of private enterprises and state-owned enterprises is to achieve the same goal in different ways,” said huang, a member of the preparatory team for the professional league. They don’t want the Chinese soccer market to be stagnant, they want it to be active!”

R&f chairman zhang proposed the establishment of a professional league as soon as possible, and called for decentralization. The Chinese football association was quick to respond. Chen xuyuan, President of the Chinese football association, also issued a statement some time ago. How do you like this one?

According to article 14 of the football reform plan, it is obviously mentioned that the association should establish a legal person, so it is said that the league council is the general body of Chinese football professionalism, which is actually a simplified statement with the professional league as we mentioned before. In this respect, we have no contradiction with the football association. Football association and professional league preparatory group is also a cooperative relationship, democratic discussion, the process of common promotion. Maybe investors can’t wait for the schedule of the professional league, which we can all understand. In fact, we all want to be more market-oriented, including the President of the football association, Chen xuyuan, the secretary general liu yi, who have always been very committed to marketization, which is one thing.

We may have different opinions on the registration of the ministry of civil affairs or the state administration for industry and commerce, but in general, we will follow the opinions of the inspection team and firmly follow the way of the council. The following is the deployment of CSL, China a, China B, etc., the basic design has been completed, and some procedural things are under way. In fact, the city council is a union, but under a different name. The football reform plan is apparently called the professional league committee.

When did the consensus of 12 club investors in support of the professional league come into being?

That was the decision of China’s super-investor after watching the champions league last year. Private companies are relatively simple. In fact, all 16 Chinese super clubs hope so, because everyone needs to make more money, have simpler and brighter programs, and be more market-oriented. Only a few investors were absent and unsigned, including shandong and sipg. In fact, state-owned enterprises also want to reduce input and increase output, and the value of the club will increase greatly after the whole brand rises, all the same.

That is how many investors felt after watching the champions league in Spain. Many investors came to feel the atmosphere on the front lines of European football. They thought, why can’t we do this? Since the reform and opening up, we have made great progress in many fields, and football also needs to do such things, including President Chen xuyuan, also hope to have more marketization, more people to participate in, so that the big board of Chinese football is better, the national team can make more contributions, no problem in the big concept.

Not long ago, the coach and general manager of changchun women’s football team liu you also put forward his own ideas. He wants the women’s soccer team to become a professional league, too.

In fact, we are investigating women’s football as well. In business, women’s football can complement men’s football. Because many clubs also have women’s football, it is a good way to integrate women’s football into the market and commercial system. It takes some time and effort to start up another set of stoves.

The idea of integrating women’s football into this system and letting the outside world and fans know the development of women’s football is consistent with that of Lyon, Barcelona, ajax, Monaco, Paris saint-germain and other European countries. Men’s football is taking business away from women, too. Europe’s top female soccer players earn between 200,000 and 400,000 yuan a year, which is not a low figure. Currently, Chinese women’s soccer players earn 340,000 yuan. We can pack some star pl

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